Coordinator, Ancient Near Eastern Studies
Professor of Ancient Scripture
Offices: 2015 HRCB (Kennedy Center); 365-F JSB
Phone: 801-422-3359
Twitter: @EricDHuntsman


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  • SANE Symposium
  • SANE Symposium
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  • ANES graduation reception 2014
  • SANE Opening Social
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The Discipline

Ancient Near Eastern Studies (ANES) deals with the history, literature, religions, and cultures of the ancient Near East from about 3000 B.C. to A.D. 640. It involves study in the humanities, social sciences, and ancient scripture. Geographically, the ancient Near East consists of the region currently designated the Middle East. The ANES major is structured to provide students with a broad understanding of the civilizations of the ancient Near East, and to emphasize the study of the Hebrew Bible and related literature or the Greek New Testament and related literature in the broader ancient Near Eastern context.

Career Opportunities

The ANES major prepares students to pursue graduate work and an academic career in all areas of biblical and ancient Near Eastern studies. Additionally, an Ancient Near Eastern Studies major offers relevant preparation for students interested in library science or Seminary and Institute in the Church Education System. Ancient Near Eastern Studies, with its emphasis on critical reading, thinking, and writing skills, also provides quality training for students entering “professional” programs.

Resources and BYU ANES links

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Announcements and Upcoming Events

Recent Lectures

September 12: “Sitting at the Feet of Jesus,” Time Out for Women, Denver

August 18-21 “Worship: Encountering and Being Transformed by God,” BYU Education Week

August 17 “LDS Christology and the Gospel of John,” BYU Education Week

August 5-11 Aspen Grove Family Camp

April 22: “Grateful for Grace: Appreciating the Saving and Transforming Power of Jesus Christ,” YSA 18th Stake Fireside

April 30: Womens Conference 2015 "Wells of Trust Fanning Flames of Faith"

May 8–9:   “The Search for the ‘Real’ Jesus of Nazareth: The Jesus of Faith, History, and Revelation,” Miller-Eccles Study Group, Fullerton and La Cañada, California

Upcoming Lectures

September 24 Second John A. Widtsoe Symposium, “Religion in the Public Square,” 7:00-9:00, tutor Center Ballroom, USC, Los Angeles (with the following link:

October 9 “The Footsteps of Jesus: Remembering His Miracles,” Cruise Lady Learn Our Religion Series, 7:00, 9118 S Redwood, West Jordan

November 8: “Sitting at the Feet of Jesus,” Time Out for Women, St. George

November 14: “Sitting at the Feet of Jesus,” Time Out for Women, Portland