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Greek 411R - Luke-Acts

Fall 2007 Syllabus

Course Description:

This term Greek 411R will study the writings attributed to the figure Luke, namely the Third Gospel and the Book of Acts. Although Matthew is divided into more chapters, Luke’s account of the ministry of Jesus Christ is the longest of the four canonical gospels in actual length. Together with Acts, which is a continuation of the Gospel of Luke, the books written by Luke comprise roughly one quarter of our current New Testament. Luke’s gospel is a major source for our understanding of Jesus’ ministry and the progress of the early Church. More importantly, it provides a carefully crafted account of our Lord’s life and mission "to save that which is lost" (Luke 19:10) that includes many well-know and much-beloved episodes. Together with the Book of Acts, the Gospel of Luke provides a singular presentation of what Conzelmann first dubbed Heilsgeschichte or "salvation history."

We shall begin our study by first exploring the nature of the received text—including its language, transmission, and generic form—and shall then discuss some of the major themes of the gospel, particularly those issues and constituencies—such as women, Gentiles, the poor—that are central to Luke’s gospel and the piece of apologetic historiography known as "The Acts of the Apostles," even though it is actually only some of the acts of some of the apostles. The bulk of the semester will be engaged in translating and studying the Lucan corpus. Unless otherwise noted, all primary readings will be done in Greek.



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