Eric Huntsman


 Offices: 2015 HRCB (Kennedy Center); 365-F JSB
Phone: 801-422-3359
Twitter: @EricDHuntsman

Presentations, Education Week, Lectures, and Other Firesides

Recent Lectures and Presentations

Education Week Aug 21 - 25, 2017

Becoming the Beloved Disciple: Lessons from the Gospel of John

“My Soul Doth Magnify the Lord”: Early Christian Hymns in the New Testament"

TOFW, May 23, 2016 "Communing with the Lord"

Womens Conference 2015: "Wells of Trust Fanning Flames of Faith"

Dialog Podcast #22, June 18, 2015: "The Search for the 'Real' Jesus of Nazareth: The Jesus of Faith, History, and Revelation."

March 21: “Sitting at the Feet of Jesus,” Time Out for Women, Idaho Falls.

March 29: Palm Sunday Fireside, Jerusalem Center 2011–2012 alumni group.

April 22: “Grateful for Grace: Appreciating the Saving and Transforming Power of Jesus Christ,” YSA 18th Stake Fireside

April 25: “The Accounts of Peter’s Denial,” 1969 British Mission Study Group, Sugar House, Utah.

April 30: “Wells of Trust Fueling Flames of Faith,” 2015 BYU Women’s Conference, Marriott Center, Provo, Utah.

May 8–9: “The Search for the ‘Real’ Jesus of Nazareth: The Jesus of Faith, History, and Revelation,” Miller-Eccles Study Group, Fullerton and La Cañada, California

Education Week, August 19-22, 2014:

Jesus in the Gospel According to Mark

377 Clyde Building (CB), 1:50–2:45 p.m.

Jesus in the Gospel According to Luke

377 Clyde Building (CB), 3:10–4:05 p.m.

Music and in the Scriptures. A Day Murry Music workshop, July 12, 10-11:30 a.m. at 4914 S State Street, Murray, UT 84107

Copies of my presentation:

43rd Sperry Symposium, "The Ministry of Peter, the Chief Apostle, October 24-25, 2014

BYUNTC May 2014: “Rebuking the Devil and Healing the Fallen: Jesus’ Miracles in Luke”

Maxwell Institute March 2014: "Nibley and Classical Scholarship" (The Work of Hugh W. Nibley Lecture Series)

BYUNTC 2013: Miraculous Signs in the Gospel of John: Revealing the Divine Jesus