Coordinator, Ancient Near Eastern Studies
Professor of Ancient Scripture
Offices: 2015 HRCB (Kennedy Center); 365-F JSB
Phone: 801-422-3359
Twitter: @EricDHuntsman

Seasonal Materials

  • Samuel at Advent celebration
  • Rachel and Sam at Advent
  • Basilica of the Nativity
  • Basilica of the Nativity
  • BYU students Palm Sunday
  • Cenacle Procession
  • Cenacle Procession
  • Christmas Advent
  • Christmas creche
  • Christmas nativity
  • Easter
  • Easter Creche
  • Easter
  • Garden Tomb
  • Gethsemane
  • family at the Garden of Gethsemane
  • Gologotha rock
  • Gordon's Calvary
  • family at Church of the Holy Sepulchre
  • Notre Dame service
  • PA police with baby
  • Palm Sunday procession
  • Palm Sunday procession
  • Palm Sunday procession
  • Palm Sunday procession
  • Palm Sunday
  • Shepherds Field on Christmas Eve
  • family at Shepherds Field
  • Sam and Rachel at Shepherds Field
  • Rachel and Sam at Shepherds Field
  • Shepherds Field
  • Verdant Cross
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See my LDS Seasonal Materials blog, a resource to help individuals and families use the scriptures, traditional customs, art, and music to enrich their celebration of the holidays, focusing them more on the Lord Jesus Christ and his gospel.

Christmas and Easter Highlights

Advent and Christmas

see my holiday blog for ideas for keeping the holiday focused on Jesus Christ

Holy Week and Easter

See the Preparing for Easter page on this blog, which has the following links up and running this year:

Preliminary Materials

The Passion Week and the Resurrection

  • Palm Sunday: The Triumphal Entry; the Cleansing of the Temple
  • Monday: The Marcan Cleansing of the Temple; Teachings in the Temple
  • Tuesday: More Teachings in the Temple; the Olivet Discourse
  • Spy" Wednesday: The Anointing in Mark and Matthew; Judas agrees to betray Jesus
  • Holy or "Maundy" Thursday: The Last Supper; Farewell Discourses; Gethsemane; Before the Jewish Authorities
  • Good Friday: Jesus in the Hands of the Romans; the Crucifixion; the Burial
  • Saturday: Jesus in the Spirit World
  • Easter Sunday: The Resurrection

Here are links to some other Easter season resources:

  • Preparing for Easter: Ideas for Celebrating. Brief article in LDS Living.
  • God So Loved the World: A Visual and Audio Message of Easter Peace from Deseret Book
  • Mormon Identities episode, Reflections on Gethsemane, Golgotha, and the Resurrection: Eric Huntsman further helps us prepare for the Easter season by interviewing Andrew Skinner, a professor of ancient scripture at BYU. He has studied a lot about places like Gethsemane, Golgotha, and the Garden Tomb. Listen as he expounds upon the sacredness of these holy places.'
  • Mormon Identities episode, Music for the Easter Season: Eric Huntsman hosts Craig Jessop and Andrew Unsworth to talk about Easter music. Get some great ideas and listen to a few examples of music about Christ and the Resurrection. They discuss music written by Johann Sebastian Bach, as well as more current songs performed by the Mormon Tabernacle Choir. This episode will help you focus your Easter season on the Savior.
  • Mormon Identities episode, Preparing for Easter: Guest host Camille Fronk Olson interviews Eric Huntsman for a special holiday episode about the importance of Easter. Eric tells us why Easter is such a meaningful time for him. He always gives great ideas of how individuals, families, and wards can keep Christ at the center of the Easter holiday.
  • A Visual Tour of Jerusalem During Holy Week! See the posts in our blog, Huntsmans in the Holy Land, that chronicle our experiences celebrating Easter in 2012. The first post, Holy Week in Jerusalem, introduces the series and has links to all the subsequent posts.

Good Tidings of Great Joy: Huntsman Family Video Christmas Card from Shepherds Field outside of Bethlehem

Announcements and Upcoming Events

Recent Lectures

September 12: “Sitting at the Feet of Jesus,” Time Out for Women, Denver

August 18-21 “Worship: Encountering and Being Transformed by God,” BYU Education Week

August 17 “LDS Christology and the Gospel of John,” BYU Education Week

August 5-11 Aspen Grove Family Camp

April 22: “Grateful for Grace: Appreciating the Saving and Transforming Power of Jesus Christ,” YSA 18th Stake Fireside

April 30: Womens Conference 2015 "Wells of Trust Fanning Flames of Faith"

May 8–9:   “The Search for the ‘Real’ Jesus of Nazareth: The Jesus of Faith, History, and Revelation,” Miller-Eccles Study Group, Fullerton and La Cañada, California

Upcoming Lectures

September 24 Second John A. Widtsoe Symposium, “Religion in the Public Square,” 7:00-9:00, tutor Center Ballroom, USC, Los Angeles (with the following link:

October 9 “The Footsteps of Jesus: Remembering His Miracles,” Cruise Lady Learn Our Religion Series, 7:00, 9118 S Redwood, West Jordan

November 8: “Sitting at the Feet of Jesus,” Time Out for Women, St. George

November 14: “Sitting at the Feet of Jesus,” Time Out for Women, Portland