Coordinator, Ancient Near Eastern Studies
Professor of Ancient Scripture
Offices: 2015 HRCB (Kennedy Center); 365-F JSB
Phone: 801-422-3359
Twitter: @EricDHuntsman

Travel and Tours

  • Al Aqsa Mosque, Jerusalem
  • Amman, Jordan
  • Assos, Turkey
  • Austrian Hospice, Jerusalem
  • Banias, Israel
  • Bethlehem, West Bank
  • Caesarea, Israel
  • Capernaum, Israel
  • Damascus Gate, Jerusalem
  • Dome of the Rock, Jerusalem
  • Garden Tomb, Jerusalem
  • Gethsemane, Jerusalem
  • Church of the Holy Sepulchre, Jerusalem
  • Church of the Holy Sepulchre, Jerusalem
  • Huldah Gates, Jerusalem
  • Excavation at Huqoq, Israel
  • Excavation at Huqoq, Israel
  • Excavation at Huqoq, Israel
  • Istanbul, Turkey
  • Jerash, Jordan
  • Jerash, Jordan
  • Jordan River
  • Masada, Israel
  • Megiddo, Israel
  • Muhraqa, Israel
  • Nazareth, Israel
  • Petra, Jordan
  • Sacred Steps
  • Valley of the Doves
  • Walls
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Visit the following blogs for more about my travels in the Holy Land:

My original field in Classics has taken my to Greece and and Rome, places I still love and travel to when I can. Perhaps one of my favorite places is Turkey, which boasts some of the best ancient Greek sites, fabulous Roman cities like Ephesus, places visited by Paul and John, early Christian churches, over a thousand years of Byzantine history, and rich points of medieval and modern Turkish culture.

But is is the Holy City, Jerusalem, and the land of Israel and Palestine, perhaps best called simply "The Holy Land," that holds my heart.

Upcoming Travel and Tours

Holy Land Tour, June 4-13, 2014 full!

  • I am excited to be headlining a Holy Land Tour together with Brad Wilcox this year! Jerusalem, Galilee, and other sites connected with the ministry, sacrifice, and resurrection of Jesus are my favorite places to share and worship. Our buses may fill up fast, so reserve your spot now!
  • Consider also the pre-tour option to Jordan, where we will visit Petra, Jerash, and Mount Nebo among other sites.

Holy Land Tour, June 10-19, 2015

Travel with Cruise Lady

Each year I have the opportunity to travel as a "headliner" with groups organized by Cruise Lady, and LDS-oriented tour agency headquartered in Utah.

Although I have accompanied an Alaska Cruise in 2013 and hope to be doing a Mediterranean cruise in the future, my staple with Cruise Lady is their Holy Land tour.

BYU Jerusalem Center

Jerusalem Center

The Jerusalem Center is Brigham Young University’s center for study in Jerusalem. Students enroll through the BYU campus in Provo, Utah, travel to the Holy Land, and live in the Center for programs that extend for approximately four months. Students study a core curriculum that focuses on Old and New Testament, ancient and modern Near Eastern studies, and language (Hebrew and Arabic). Classroom study is built around field trips that cover the length and breadth of the Holy Land.

Announcements and Upcoming Events

Recent Lectures

September 12: “Sitting at the Feet of Jesus,” Time Out for Women, Denver

August 18-21 “Worship: Encountering and Being Transformed by God,” BYU Education Week

August 17 “LDS Christology and the Gospel of John,” BYU Education Week

August 5-11 Aspen Grove Family Camp

April 22: “Grateful for Grace: Appreciating the Saving and Transforming Power of Jesus Christ,” YSA 18th Stake Fireside

April 30: Womens Conference 2015 "Wells of Trust Fanning Flames of Faith"

May 8–9:   “The Search for the ‘Real’ Jesus of Nazareth: The Jesus of Faith, History, and Revelation,” Miller-Eccles Study Group, Fullerton and La Cañada, California

Upcoming Lectures

September 24 Second John A. Widtsoe Symposium, “Religion in the Public Square,” 7:00-9:00, tutor Center Ballroom, USC, Los Angeles (with the following link:

October 9 “The Footsteps of Jesus: Remembering His Miracles,” Cruise Lady Learn Our Religion Series, 7:00, 9118 S Redwood, West Jordan

November 8: “Sitting at the Feet of Jesus,” Time Out for Women, St. George

November 14: “Sitting at the Feet of Jesus,” Time Out for Women, Portland